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Roundabout on A258 at St Margaret's and Martin Mill

We the undersigned petition the council to Investigate the increased traffic and dangers surrounding this and the safety of the junction of Station Road and the A258 between St. Margaret's at Cliffe and Martin Mill. The increased number of vehicles on the road as well as the increasing number of properties within the local areas means that this junction has become extremely dangerous. A roundabout or traffic lights would be far safer an option for the road users, as well as any pedestrians who may be trying to travel to the nearby station in Martin Mill.

According to public crash data there had only been one fatal and many minor crashes at this location for many years, but in the past 4 years there has been a massive increase in the severity of these accidents. This is a concerning trend, coupled with the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Something needs to be done.

This ePetition runs from 25/03/2024 to 23/06/2024.

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