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Rusthall Unites for Safer Road - A264 Speed Reduction

We the undersigned petition the council to On behalf of the residents of Rusthall and Langton Green we are petitioning Kent County Council to reduce the speed of the road from 40mph to 30mph between Tunbridge Wells and Langton Green on the A264.

Why have we set up the petition?

• Road safety, too many near misses and incidents involving our community.

• Fear of crossing the road, creating separation from the village.

• Access issues for all, not just disabled groups, also children, parents and carers, volunteers and church parishioners.

• Concerns for the safety of wildlife and our own pets while out walking.

Nine years of requests and no change.

Making this small change of reducing the speed limit will give our residents more confidence to cross the road. Statistics are undisputed: an incident at 30mph gives an 80% chance of survival, however at the current 40mph there is an 80% chance of serious injury or death.

Rusthall Parish Council, Tunbridge Wells Commons Conservators and the Youth Council urge you to sign, to make sure Kent County Council listen to our concerns and make the change.

This ePetition runs from 11/06/2024 to 11/09/2024.

284 people have signed this ePetition.