Executive post

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education


Responsible for:


School Improvement Service

Skills and Employability Service Early Years and Childcare Service Education Safeguarding

Community, Learning and Skills (CLS) Area Education Officers Commissioning school places

Special Educational Needs Assessment and Placement

Educational Psychology Service

Fair Access Service (School Admissions / Transport / Children Missing

Education / Elective Home Education)

0-25 Early Help Services (including Children's Centres, Youth Hubs and

Troubled Families)

Pupil Referral Units, Inclusion and Attendance

Youth Justice


Information and Intelligence

Central Referral Unit

District Children’s Social Worker Teams

Adolescent Support Teams Children in Care Service Fostering Service

Adoption Service

The Care Leavers 18+ Service

Safeguarding and Quality Assurance

Local Authority Designated Officers Service

Virtual School Kent

Family Group Conferencing