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Madginford Park Infant School and Madginford Park Junior School, Maidstone - Amalgamation

To seek agreement to the proposed amalgamation of Madginford Park Infant School and Madginford Park Junior School, Maidstone by discontinuing the Junior school and enlarging and changing the age range of the Infant school to carter for the full primary age range.


The proposed decision supports the following Bold Steps for Kent priorities 

3: Ensure all pupils meet their full potential and 4: Shape education and skills provision around the needs of the Kent economy.


In addition the proposals are in line with KCC’s policy as set out in the Kent Commissioning Plan for Education Provision 2013-18, which states “when the opportunity arises, the Local Authority will consider the possibility of either amalgamation of separate infant and junior schools into a single primary school; or federation of the schools.”



i.As a result of an amalgamation, the two predecessor schools would become one school and consequently this would result in the removal of one of the lump sum funding allocations (£120,000).  The amalgamated school would continue to be funded at 100% of the two lump sums for the remainder of the 2014/15 financial year from September 2014 to March 2015. The School and Early Years Finance (England) Regulations 2013 provide funding protection for amalgamating schools for the first academic year. Therefore, it is proposed that protection will be provided on the lump sums at 85% from April 2015 to March 2016. (2 x £120,000 x 85% = £204,000). From April 2016 the amalgamated primary school would receive one lump sum, currently £120,000.



i.It is proposed that all teachers and support staff employed at Madginford Park Infant School (at the time of the proposed amalgamation) will automatically continue their employment in the primary school.


ii.Pupil forecasts indicate that the primary school will require as many class bases as there are currently in the Infant and Junior schools combined. It is proposed that all teachers and support staff employed at Madginford Park Junior School (at the time of the proposed amalgamation) will transfer to the primary school.


iii.Legal Implications: The legal process for the alterations of a school is under sections 18 to 24 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 and Regulations 4 to 6 and Schedules 2 to 5 of the School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools (England) Regulations 2007.
The procedure for varying the name of a school is governed by Section 20 of the Education Act 2002 and Regulations 26 to 31 of the school Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012. 
Equality Implications: An Equality Impact Assessment has been completed as part of the consultation. The equalities impact assessment can be accessed via the following link:
Under section 11 of the EIA 2006 the Schools Adjudicator is the decision maker for statutory proposals.


Decision type: Non-key

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Division affected: Maidstone Rural North;

Notice of proposed decision first published: 03/03/2014

Department: Education & Young People's Services

Contact: Jared Nehra, Area Education Officer - West Kent 01622 525330 and 01622 694174 Email:, Kevin Shovelton, Director Education Planning & Access Email:


Education Cabinet Committee: 14 March 2014 - The proposed decision will be discussed

Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform, Mr Roger Gough, has agreed to support the undertaking of a public consultation to seek the views of the education and wider communities on a proposal to amalgamate Madginford Park Infant School and Madginford Park Junior School.


The Education Cabinet Committee membership was informed of the public consultation on this proposal by email on 13 January 2014.


The public consultation is now closed but can be viewed at the link below:


Public meetings - 23 January 2014 at Madginford Park Junior School and 5 February 2014 at Madginford Park Infant School.


Local Member for Maidstone Rural North: Mr Paul Carter, CBE.


Financial implications: Lead officer: Jared Nehra Area Education Officer for West Kent 01622 525330 Lead Director: Kevin Shovelton Director of Education Planning and Access 01622 694174

Legal implications: 14/00038

Equalities implications: Significant change to service delivery


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