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West Minster Primary School - proposed expansion and addition of Specialist Resource Provision for 15 children with SLCN

To expand the school from 2FE to 3FE and add a 15 place Specialist Resource Provision for children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).


The  Swale  district  section  of  the  Kent  Commissioning  Plan  for  Education   Provision  2015-19   has identified  aneed  for up  to213 Reception  Year places  inSheerness,which  exceeds  the number  of placesavailable.   ExpandingWestMinsterPrimary Schoolfrom2FE to3FE willhelp toaddress these pressures andadheresto theprinciples oftheCommissioningPlan asit increasescapacity ata good, popular  school.    The  SEND  Strategy  forms  the  County  Council's  policy  and  strategy  for  special educationalneeds,andwas approvedby Cabinetin July2013.   Itidentifieskey prioritiesto improve andexpand provision andclosetheattainmentgap forchildrenwithspecialeducationalneeds and disabilities.  Itidentifiedthe needto increasecapacity,includingopening SRBPsinmainstream settings so thatadditionalchildrencan havehelpina localmainstream school.


It isproposedto enlargeWest MinsterPrimarySchoolby 210placestaking thePAN to90 (3FE)for the September 2016intake andeventuallya totalcapacityof 630places.  Itis proposedto adda 15place specialistresourcebase provisionfor childrenwith speech,language andcommunication needs.


a.  Capital:  Theenlargement  oftheschoolrequires theprovisionof 7additionalclassrooms,  as well  as  ancillary   facilities,   plus  a  classroom   for  the  SRBP.  Afeasibility study has been completed. The total costisestimated tobe inthe regionof £3,000,000.  Appropriate funding has beenidentified aspart ofthe Medium TermCapital Programme.   Thecosts ofthe project are estimates and thesemay increaseas theprojectis developed.    Ifthe costof theproject is greater than10%the CabinetMember willbe required totake afurther decisionto allocatethe additionalfunding.


b.Revenue:For aperiodof threeacademic years,from September2016,the schoolwillreceive protection for anadditional30 Reception Yearpupilsat therate of£2,740 perpupil.   Foreach additional  classroom,  resulting  from  the  expansion  ofthe  school,  the  sum of  £6,000  will  be allocated  towards  theclassroom  set-upcosts.The  schoolwill receivefunding forits SRBP;the fundingwillbe allocated  at   £10,000per place,for aguaranteed numberof places  andtop up fundingwillallocatedinadditionto thisbased onthe actualattendance ofthe pupil.


c.   Human:West MinsterPrimarySchoolwillappointadditionalteachers, includinga specialist teacherfor theSRBP, asthe needarisesand theschool sizeincreases.


Decision type: Key

Reason Key: Expenditure or savings of more than £1m;

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Division affected: Sheerness;

Notice of proposed decision first published: 20/01/2015

Department: Education & Young People's Services

Contact: Kevin Shovelton, Director Education Planning & Access 03000 413214 Email:, Marisa White, Area Education Officer - East Kent Email: Tel: 01227 284407.


On 24September 2014, the Education and Young People’s ServicesCabinetCommittee endorsedthe KentCommissioning Plan,which identifieda need foradditionalplacesin theSwaleDistrict.

Financial implications: Marisa White, Area Education Officer for East Kent 03000 413214

Legal implications: 14/00160