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21/00089 - Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-30: 2021 Review - Public Consultation


Withdrawn as this decision refers to a pre-consultation draft


Proposed decision

Following a review of the 2016 Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan, to approve and publish for public consultation (Regulation 18) proposed changes to the Kent Mineral and Waste Local Plan 2013-30 (the 2021 Review).



The County Council has a statutory responsibility to plan for future minerals supply and waste management within Kent as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework 2021 (NPPF) and the National Planning Policy for Waste 2014 (NPPW). This responsibility is realised through the preparation of a Local Plan, in line with the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (The Regulations).


The Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-30 (KMWLP) was adopted by Full Council in July 2016 and subject to an early partial review of a limited number of policies in 2020 represents the planning policy framework for minerals and waste development in Kent. The KMWLP contains a number of policies relating to strategic planning for minerals supply and waste management capacity, as well as Development Management policies against which planning applications for these types of development should be assessed. The Plan also includes a number of policies related to the safeguarding of mineral resources and waste management facilities. 


The Regulations require Local Planning Authorities to review their Local Plans every 5 years.  This is to ensure that the policies remain relevant, conform to national policy and guidance and satisfactorily address the needs of the local community. Policies must be both legally compliant and sound, and in order to be considered sound they should meet the tests of being positively prepared, justified, effective and compliant with national policy. The Plan was partially reviewed in 2020 in the KMWLP Early Partial Review 2020. 


In accordance with plan making requirements set out in the Regulations, the Council has undertaken a 5 year review of the 2016 adopted KMWLP and identified a number of policies as outdated or no longer meeting the tests of soundness. This assessment is set out in detail in the Review of the Kent Minerals & Waste Local Plan 2021. The identified changes needed to the 2016 Kent Mineral and Waste Local Plan form the basis for the next plan making cycle.


Revisions are proposed to the Local Plan to principally reflect changes in national policy and guidance since 2016. These include amongst others changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, government policy and guidance on the achievement of a circular economy and those concerned with climate change and protection and enhancement of the natural environment. Revised draft policy and supporting text has been prepared. To satisfy the requirements of the Plan Making Regulations, consultation is now required on the proposed revisions to the adopted Plan so as to inform and influence future local plan work and the version that the Council will ultimately submit for examination to the Planning Inspectorate.

How the proposed decision meets the objectives of ‘Setting the Course’: Kent County Council’s Interim Strategic Statement (December 2020)

The Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan delivers the Council’s adopted Mineral and Waste planning strategy and policies and is important in the determination of planning applications in Kent. A local plan is in accordance with national planning policy and guidance and provides a local perspective.  It supports the County Council’s corporate policies contained within the Council’s Setting the Course – Kent County Council’s Interim Strategic Plan 2020, which sets the Council’s priorities until 2022.


Kent’s mineral and waste planning policies support and facilitate sustainable growth in Kent’s economy. In addition, they support the protection and creation of a high-quality environment, with accessible local services that reflect the needs of the community. The proposed revised policy will reflect recent changes to the environmental agenda including mitigation and adaptation to climate change and Kent’s Climate Change Statement and measures to support covid recovery.

Decision type: Key

Reason Key: Affects more than two Electoral Divisions;

Decision status: Withdrawn

Division affected: (All Division);

Notice of proposed decision first published: 14/10/2021

Decision due: Not before 12th Nov 2021 by Cabinet Member for Environment
Reason: Affects two or more Electoral Divisions

Lead member: Cabinet Member for Environment

Department: Growth, Environment & Transport

Financial implications: The costs of preparing a review of the 2016 Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan will need to be met from existing KCC budgets. There is a risk and likelihood that any changes proposed to the Local Plan will attract objection in response to the public consultation. These will be considered as part of the plan making process and where appropriate defended via the planning examination.

Legal implications: The County Council has a statutory responsibility to review its Local Plan every 5 years and to prepare revised policy and guidance as necessary in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. Failure to have an up to date Plan risks the Secretary of State appointing others to undertake the Council’s plan making function.

Equalities implications: An Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA) will be undertaken as part of the proposed changes to the adopted Local Plan. No equalities implications are anticipated to arise from the review work