Outside body

Pension Board


1.         Membership

            Scheme member representation (4):

Staff - 2 representatives; 1 KCC and 1 non KCC.

Kent  Active Retirement Fellowship - 1 representative.

Trade unions - 1 representative

            Scheme employer (4):

KCC - 2 representatives (including Chair) - not members of the Superannuation Fund Committee

District Councils /Medway Council - 1 representative

Police/Fire - 1 representative

            Total membership 8


Chairman - KCC county councillor NOT currently on the Superannuation Fund Committee.

            Vice Chairman - to be agreed by board.

2.         Selection of members


            This will vary by the type of member:


Employee representatives will be asked to nominate themselves and a panel of Finance and HR officers from employers will advise the Board Chairman.

Pensioner - nominated by Kent Active Retirement Fellowship.

            Trade unions - nominated by Unison.


Employer representatives- will be nominated by those employers and the Board Chairman will select.


3.         Relevant Knowledge and Understanding of Representative Members

The Regulations require that individuals appointed have relevant knowledge and understanding.

Individuals must not have a conflict of interest but membership of the LGPS or the Fund will not constitute a conflict of interest.


4.         Term of Office

Membership will be for 4 year renewable periods with a maximum of 8 years.

5.         Termination


            A member should cease their office where:

A member has a conflict of interest which cannot be managed in accordance with the Board’s conflicts policy;

            A member dies or becomes incapable of acting;

A member who is a councillor of the Administering Authority is appointed to a Superannuation Fund Committee;

A member is appointed to the role of an officer of the Administering Authority with responsibility for the discharge of functions under the Regulations;

            A member resigns.

A representative member ceases to represent his constituency, for example if an employer representative leaves the employment of his employer and therefore ceases to have the capacity to represent the Fund’s employers; and

A member fails to attend 2 consecutive meetings or otherwise comply with the requirements of being a Board member, for example fails to attend the necessary knowledge and understanding training.

6.         Terms of Reference

The board will assist the Superannuation Fund Committee to secure compliance with the requirements of the LGPS Regulations and of the Pensions Regulator.

The board will receive regular reports on governance and compliance issues.

7.         Officer Support

The KCC Corporate Director of Finance will be responsible for providing professional advice to the board.

Meeting agendas will be prepared and published by KCC Democratic Services, papers will be available on the KCC website and KCC Democratic Services will minute meetings and publish the minutes on the KCC website.

8.         Number of Meetings

The board will meet twice a year in Sessions House, Maidstone. Additional meetings will be called if the volume of business makes it necessary.

9.         Quorum

A minimum of 4 members will need to be present for the board to be quorate.

10.       Substitutes

Substitutes will be allowed for the Kent Active Retirement and Unison members of the Board but they must be a named individual who will undertake the necessary training and development.

 11.      Expenses

Members of the board will be paid travel expenses for attending the meeting.

Any expenditure the board proposes to incur will need to be agreed in advance by KCC’s Corporate Director of Finance.

12.       Data Protection

All members of the board will be required to comply with KCC’s data protection and information security policies.



Contact information

Theresa Grayell
03000 416172

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