Agenda and draft minutes

Planning Applications Committee - Wednesday, 16th June, 2021 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone. View directions

Contact: Andrew Tait  03000 416749

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Election of Vice-Chairman


(1)          Mrs R Binks moved, seconded by Mr C Simkins that Mr A Booth be elected Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

            Carried unanimously


(2)         RESOLVED that Mr A Booth be elected Vice-Chairman of the Committee.


Terms of Reference of the Committee

Planning Applications Committee


Membership: 13 Members - Conservative: 10, Labour :1 Liberal Democrat: 1, Green and Independents: 1.


This Committee is responsible for the determination of planning applications and related matters in relation to the control of development under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and related statutory instruments and may exercise any of the powers of the County Council so delegated as set out in the Delegation Table.


The Planning Applications Committee may permit members of the public interested in their decisions to address their meetings, in accordance with the principles of decision-making set out in paragraph 8.5 of the Constitution.


Political Groups should only nominate Members as regular Members or as substitutes on the Planning Applications Committees (and on any Panels of the Committee) if they have had training in the relevant procedures.


The votes of each individual Member of the Planning Applications Committee (whether for, against, or in abstention) will be recorded whenever the Committee votes against the Head of Planning Applications Group’s recommendation for permission or refusal of a planning application, together with the grounds and reasons for overturning the recommendation.”




The Committee noted its Terms of Reference.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 195 KB

(1)           9 March 2021

(2)          17 March 2021

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meetings held on 9 March 2021 and 17 March 2021 are correctly recorded and that they be signed by the Chairman.


Site Meetings and Other Meetings


The Head of Planning Applications Group asked the Committee to diarise the afternoon of Wednesday, 14 July for an intended site visit.


General Matters


The Committee agreed to hold a brief training session on “the Future Planning System”  following the meeting.


Proposal 21/501778/County (KCC/MA/0071/2021) - Erection of new build facility for provision of digital autopsy services to Kent County Council/Coroner's Service at County Transport Workshops, Forstal Road/Beddow Way, Aylesford; Kent County Council pdf icon PDF 1 MB


(1)           Mr Andy Allen, a local resident addressed the Committee in objection to the application. Mr Jonathan White (KCC Projects and Operations Manager) spoke in reply on behalf of the applicants.


(2)       The Committee amended the ecological enhancements condition by specifying that the planting scheme would include native berry-bearing bushes. 


(3)       The Committee added a condition specifying that a detailed lighting scheme would be submitted to the County Planning Authority for approval.


(4)       The Committee added an informative encouraging the applicant to implement the proposed signage and road markings relating to Forstal Cottages early in the development and to review their effectiveness.


(5)       On being put to the vote, the recommendations of the Head of Planning Applications Group were unanimously agreed as amended in (2), (3) and (4) above.

(6)      RESOLVED that:-


(a)       permission be granted to the application subject to conditions, including conditions covering thestandard 3-yeartime limit; thedevelopment beingcarried outin accordance withthe permitteddetails; the submissionand approvalof detailsof allconstruction materialsto beused  externally priorto thecommencement ofdevelopment; exact detailsof theCT Scannerbeing submitted andapproved inwriting priorto its  installation on site; details ofthe appearanceof therelocated substationbeing submittedand approved  in writing priorto itsinstallation on site; nodevelopment commencinguntil aConstruction ManagementPlan hasbeen  submitted andapproved in writing; vehicleand cycleparking beinglaid outas shownand permanentlyretained; the Electric Vehicle Chargers installed on site being from the UK Governmentapproved modelslist; details ofthe roadmarkings andsignage relatingto ForstalCottages beingsubmitted within 3 months of the date of any consent given, with the approved details beingimplemented prior tothe Digital AutopsyService becomingoperational; a remediationstrategy beingsubmitted tothe County PlanningAuthority, andapproved in writing prior tothe commencementof development; the submission for approval in writing of a verification report demonstrating that the remediation strategyhas been implementedprior tothe use commencing; construction stopping if any contamination not previously identified is found on site until a remediation strategy for dealing with it has beenagreed in writing; no infiltration of surface water to the ground taking place without express writtenapproval fromthe County PlanningAuthority;  piling not being carried out without written approval from the County PlanningAuthority; a detailed lighting scheme being submitted to the County Planning Authority for approval; the submission of a groundwater monitoring plan for approval in writing by theCounty Planning Authority priorto theuse commencing; the submission for approval in writing of a detailed sustainablesurface water drainage scheme (based on the submitted Drainage Strategy Reportand drainage drawings) prior to the commencement of development; the building not being brought into use until a Verification Report pertaining to thesurface water drainage system has been submitted and approved in writing; theimplementation priorto thecommencement ofdevelopment ofgeo-archaeological andPalaeolithic field  ...  view the full minutes text for item 26.


Matters dealt with under delegated powers pdf icon PDF 172 KB


RESOLVED to note matters dealt with under delegated powers since the last meeting relating to:-


(a)          County matter applications;


(b)        County Council developments;


(c)          Screening opinions under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017; and


(d)         Scoping Opinions under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (None).


KCC Responses to Consultations pdf icon PDF 362 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED to note Kent County Council’s responses to the following Consultations:-


(a)          Dartford Borough Council Local Plan Regulation 19 Draft; 


(b)          Hybrid Application at Albion Waterside, Canal Basin, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2RN (20210270)


Part A - Full planning application for demolition of existing buildings and structures, construction of a mixed use development comprising C3 and C2 Residential Uses and commercial floorspace (Use Class E), a new river wall (and retention of existing river wall), works to Swing Bridge, highway junction improvements at Milton Road and Ordnance Road, associated new public open spaces and public realm improvements, car and cycle parking, landscaping, infrastructure and earthworks and ancillary works; and


Part B - Outline planning application with all matters reserved (apart from access) for demolition of all existing buildings and structures and the construction of a mixed use development comprising C3 Uses and commercial floorspace (Use Class E) with associated vehicular access, car parking, landscaping, associated infrastructure and earthworks and ancillary works.


(The proposed development would consist of up to 1,500 homes and up to 4,500sqm (GIA) of commercial floorspace);


(c)       EIA Scoping Opinion for a proposed development at Land North of Marden Maidstone Road, Marden, Kent (application reference: 21/501909/EIASCO);


(d)       EIA Scoping Opinion for a mixed-use development at Highsted Park Land to the West of Teynham London Road Teynham Kent (Application reference 21/500836/EIASCO);


(e)        Swale Borough Local Plan Review (Regulation 19) – February 2021;


(f)        Boughton and Dunkirk Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 14 Consultation


(g)       EIA Scoping Opinion for a mixed-use development at Highsted Park Land to the South and East of Sittingbourne (Application reference 21/500819/EIASCO);


(h)       Thanet District Council Statement of Community Involvement Review 2021;


(i)            Hoo - New Routes to Good Growth Consultation; and


(j)        NPPF Changes and National Design Code Government Consultation.