Agenda and minutes

Dartford Local Board, Dartford Local Boards
Thursday, 13th November, 2008 7.00 pm

Venue: Dartford Central Library, Central Park, Dartford, DA1 1EU

Contact: Kayley Phillips  01622 696067

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Welcome to the meeting – Mr B Bassam, Chairman


All were welcomed to the meeting by Mr Tom Maddison (Vice Chairman) as Mr Bassam was delayed in getting to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mrs Christine Angell.


Notes of Local Board meeting held on 18th June 2008 pdf icon PDF 93 KB


The minutes were agreed.


National Year of Reading: Presentation by Gill Bromley


GB started her presentation by explaining how books and reading can make a difference to people’s lives. It was also highlighted how it fits in well with the Care of Elderly item on the agenda and made several references to this.


GB stressed how reading can be for both pleasure and a purpose.


Key points:

Consequences of literacy: a pilot scheme at Gravesham and Sheerness libraries with the Probation Service to help in improve the standard of skills

Reading Groups: 100’s around including groups for people with special needs, the visually impaired and MIND.

Books Can Help Scheme: Books selected by GP’s on topics such as stress, anxiety, depression. These can be a form of escapism and therapy.

Increased child poverty rates: Pilot called Doorstep Library is running in Sheerness. Recognised that there are families who don’t engage with public services. This is volunteer run, where people offer to read stories to children.

Target audiences: Improving literacy standards. It is a fact that boys read less than girls, lower literacy levels amongst boys therefore trying to encourage boys to read more.

Key messages:

·        276,000 adults have level 3 literacy in Kent. Parents are not seeing the link between reading + confidence + success. Computers don’t have to be a threat as Amazon is such a website that is very successful in selling books.

·        Enjoy reading – Can start from an early age, helps with bonding with your baby i.e. nursery rhymes

·        National Year of Reading – new partners for literacy e.g. Reading Gardens, Adult Education and BBC. New approaches such as Library in the park, very successful event in Dartford this summer. Xmas event being planned.


Several questions were asked which GB answered.


A copy of GB’s presentation is attached to the minutes of the meeting.





Why Kent needs a new adult care and support system: Presentation by Jo Pannell


JP gave some background to the consultation.


It was highlighted that the Government want to hear the views of the public.


Key points:

·        An overview of the 4 forms of care and support currently available was explained.

·        It was stated that people of are living longer. Over the next 20 years, the number of people living in England will double and for those over 100 will quadruple. specially in public services.

·        When asked 1 in 5 people were unable to describe what social care meant.

·        There is going to be a change in attitudes particularly amongst the 17 million ‘baby boomers’ who are heading for retirement with high demands and clear expectations of what they want during their retirement. r


Government Vision: People are supported to:-

1. live more independently

2. stay healthy & recover quickly from illness

3. have as much control over their own lives as possible

4. live with or look after family

5. participate as active equal citizens

6. have the best quality of life


A number of questions are up for debate JP talked through them and asked the audience for their thoughts.


JP explained the so far 434 responses have been received to the consultation. 50% are saying that they are happy to plan for the future and 50% are not.  The consultation closes on 28th November.


A copy of JP presentation is attached to the minutes of the meeting.











JP was asked a variety of questions from the public and Members. People questioned why there is a better health service in Europe and how is this funded? JP explained that in Germany, for example, the health service is funded through taxes. And in Japan people over 40yrs who don’t have children pay a premium on their taxes.


JM asked JP whether our Government had considered an insurance based scheme? JP answered that the majority of people feel that they already pay enough through taxes. Perhaps more transparency on where our money goes is needed.


A member of the public asked why the Queen Elizabeth Centre had been closed as this was an important social venue for young people with disabilities?   It was explained that other services are being offered in other parts of Dartford and Gravesham, its not the same but is still attracting more younger people.




Allocation of 2008/09 Capital & Local Schemes Grants


Mr Maddison introduced this item and Kayley Phillips gave a brief explanation of the criteria for both grant schemes.


The following recommendations were made by the Board based on an allocation of £31,900 for SCCG and £9,600 for LSG for 2008/09. The Board had agreed to combine both allocations to give a total of £41,500


The monies were allocated as follows:


1.      YMCA Thames Gateway  (ICT Suite) £3,880

2.      Parochial Church Council of St Mary the Virgin, Stone (Replacement Bells) £5,000

3.      Dartford BC ( Phase 2 enhanced skate park facilities) £5,000

4.      DGS Mencap, Connect Three Centre (Refurbishment of Community Access Service)  £2,000

5.      Central Park Athletics Ltd (refurbishment of synthetic athletics track) £7,500

6.      Trevithicks Industrial Dartford (purchase of marquee for Trevithicks Industrial Dartford Celebration), £1,120

7.      Dartford and Gravesham Sea Cadets (running costs) £9,000

8.      Temple Hill Community Development Trust (Project Manager Post) £8,000



Question Time – Your opportunity to ask questions about local public services


No other questions were asked.


Future Local Board Meetings


A future Board date has not yet been agreed.


Any Other Business


Mrs Allen asked the public whether there were any specific topics they would like to see on future agendas?


One member of the public responded by saying that they would like to have a presentation on cycling and whether the KCC cycling officer could present at a future meeting. KP agreed to follow this up with the appropriate member of staff.


A member of staff from the Jagger Centre invited the Board to hold a future meeting at this venue as it was felt that maybe more people would attend if the meeting was held in a building that is open later at night.