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17/00020 Active Travel Strategy and Action Plan

Active travelcan reducecongestion, improvethe environmentand improvethe airwe breathe. It canimprove ourhealth andcan increaselevels ofphysical activityin school­ aged childrenleading toimproved attainment.  It iscrucial toestablish healthyhabits in young peoplein orderfor themto besustained inlater life.


Active travelcan befor completejourneys orparts ofa journey,and morepeople inthe community making moreactive traveljourneys canlead toa rangeof positiveindividual and shared outcomes.These includeimproved health,reduced trafficcongestion, reduced pollution andfinancial savingsto theindividual andbusinesses.


The ActionPlan hasbeen createdto helpus achieveour targets.It focuseson newactions and changes/improvements toexisting activities.


How the proposed  decision meets theobjectives of'Increasing  Opportunities,  Improving Outcomes:KentCounty Council'sStrategic Statement{2015-2020)'


The Strategycontributes toall threeof theStrategic Outcomesin KCC'sStrategic

Statement 2015-2020:


-Children andyoung peoplein Kentget thebest startin life:with theability tochoose active travel forshort journeys,children and youngpeople willhave moreindependence and better health.


-Kent Communitiesfeel thebenefits ofeconomic growthby beingin-work, healthyand enjoying a goodquality oflife: incorporatingexerciseinto the dailyroutine, suchas the commuteto workor tripto the shopsis thebest wayof increasingactivity levels.This contributesto health,enjoying lifeand allowsbetter accessto workopportunities.


-Older andvulnerable residentsare safeand supportedwith choicesto liveindependently: safeand accessibleroutes foractive travelenables olderand vulnerableresidents tobe more independentin gettingaround andaccessing shops,healthcare andother services.


          Financial Implications


TheStrategy isa cost-neutraldocument andrequiresno additionalinvestment fromKent County Council budgets.The strategy willact asa commissioningframework toprovide strategicguidanceon where existing programmesof workcan deliverhigher returnsand maximiseexisting investment inprojects.Furthermore,the Strategy willbe usedto support bidsfor externalincome.


LegalImplications  None.


Equalities Implications


An EqiAhas beencarried out.Emerging issuesincludedthat any measuresto promote active travelshould addressthe gendergap inrates ofcycle commutingand thatactive travel infrastructure  should beaccessible toall usergroups,including older peopleand disabled people.


Disabled peoplewere lesslikely toagree withthe ActiveTravel Strategyitself. 43%of disabled respondents stronglyagreed withthe strategy;55% ofall respondentsstrongly agreed.


The StrategyAction Plancontains actionsspecifically relatingto peoplewith disabilities, the elderly andfemale cyclists.


The EqiAAction Plansets outactions toengage withthese groupsand promotethe Active Travel Strategy.


Decision type: Key

Reason Key: Affects more than two Electoral Divisions;

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Notice of proposed decision first published: 06/02/2017

Department: Growth, Environment & Transport

Contact: Charlotte Owen, Safer Mobility Team Leader 03000 411658 Email:


The consultation on the draft strategy ran for eight weeks from 18 May to 13 July 2016. It showed overwhelming support for active travel, as did consultation feedback from the Draft Local Transport Plan 4, showing that Kent's residents consider this a very important issue. The Public Consultation received 561 responses, of which 486 were from people responding in an individual capacity, 18 were responding in a professional capacity, and 57 were responding on behalf of organisations.


The decision to undertake a public consultation was taken on 10 May 2016 (Decision Number 16/00023)


The decision will be considered by the Environment and Transport Cabinet Committee at its meeting on 13 March 2017

Financial implications: Charlotte Owen Name and Job title: Safer Mobility Team Phone number: 03000 411658 E-mail:

Legal implications: 17/00020


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