Agenda and minutes

Dartford Local Boards
Tuesday, 19th July, 2011 7.00 pm

Venue: Dartford Central Library, Market Street, Dartford, DA1 1EU

Contact: Kayley Phillips  01622 696067

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Welcome to the meeting and Apologies


Ann Allen welcomed everyone and KCC elected Members were introduced.  Apologies – Mr Jeremy Kite


Notes of Local Board meeting held on 16 March 2011 and progress on any actions agreed


  • MP In negotiation with hospital regarding parking and transport at Darenth Hospital following closer of Queens Mary’s Hospital more people now going to Darenth hospital. Permission has been granted to expand but no funding available.
  • Lack of Sunday service – Ann Allen hoping to fund for provision of service through her Members Highways Fund.


Vision for Kent Consultation

Find out how Kent County Council is building a better Kent.


AA gave a short overview on the Vision For Kent consultation/document. AA emphasised the importance of the public having a say. AA informed the public that they could complete the form online or by posting their comments back.


AA also explained the role of the Kent Forum and the Ambitions for Kent.  And most importantly KCC wanted your views to make Kent a better place:




  • Grow economy
  • Tackle disadvantage
  • Put the citizen in control


The date to return views to KCC was given to the public.


Fastrack - Update on Local Services - David George KHS


  • A detailed presentation by David George and a copy is attached
  • Emphasised that Fast Track is the best in Europe
  • Described how residents can view timetable in their own homes.
  • History about Route A and Route B was provided.
  • An overview of different power options was described e.g. chipper run fuel. 
  • Details were given about the Government Grant - Bus Service Operating Grant, but confirmed that there was no incentive to apply.


Questions from the public and Members

Q.        At the Bluewater Forum it was discussed whether the system could be used by the emergency services.

A.        In emergency the Fast Track Busway would be used


Q.        People who live in Dartford West and Dartford Heath who go to London          every week – where is a Route C as this part of Dartford is currently not covered by Fast Track?

A.        The main reason that Fast Track was developed was to deal with trips from new developments. David George accepted and understood problems but Fast Track deal with different problems and cannot provide the same level of service as local buses. There is also no money available to fund a Route C.


Q.        A member of the public stated that some years ago a tram system was built Croydon route – which services areas outside of the town centre which office workers/communities benefit from.  Why can’t the same happen in Dartford and Gravesend?

A.        David George explained that again it was down to lack of funding available.


Q.        The Fast Track is linking all new developments and it was felt that it isolates some of the older communities e.g. Swanscombe and Stone communities.

A.        David George confirmed that KHS worked hard with Arriva to provide a high frequency service to such areas.


Q.        It was stated that Fast track starts in the wrong place as half of Dartford can’t use Fast Track.  Are there any plans to make Ebbsfleet to Dartford faster?

A.        No plans at present and stated that the aim of the service is  to soak up trips from new developments.


Q.        A member of the public stated that they were in favour of Fast Track.  Understands ongoing and will spread out to 2 areas in Dartford. But will not be servicing outlining areas Fast Track is therefore not good for everyone.

A.        David George emphasised that it has been a success and avoids more cars coming onto network.


Q.        Residents living at the Bridge development travel for free, is this subsidised by other passengers?

A.        DG confirmed that it is not subsidised by other passengers but by the Developer.


David George confirmed that there are plans for the Developer to start building a further phase of houses and as part of a Section 106 agreement there is a Masterplan Boulevard proposed for Fast Track.


 Ann Allen thanked David George for his presentation.


Cyclopark and Right to Ride - Laurence Tricker (KCC) and John Hamblett (Right to Ride)

Come and find out more about this exciting project as well as other cycle initiatives in Dartford.


Laurence Tricker gave a presentation and provided an update on project (copy attached)


Questions from the public and Members


Q.        Will there be a large car park?

A.        yes 300 spaces


Q.        Would there be enough spaces especially when events are taking place?

A.        No - but there would be a prepaid parking for large events


Q.        How do you access the Park? Can you reach it from behind Morrisons?

A.        Yes.  Access into public highway, access Wrotham Road, Tollgate entry.


Q.        Do you have to pay for entry?

A.        Playground - 50p-£1

            BMX - £2.50-£3

            Skate - £2.50-£3

            Coach - £6-£7

            Entry into National Event £10+


Q.        Do you expect people to come with their bikes?

A.        Yes – along spine – commute route


Q.        Will venue be floodlit?

A.        Central area will be lit


Q.        Will clubs be able to hire the venue?

A.        Yes.  Will appoint charity to run it and plan to ring fence income. Prices start at £3/head until appointment of operator.  A Charity will be found via a tender process which goes out on 22nd July using various bodies to manage this process to find a suitable charitable trust.


Q.        LT was congratulated for facility as it was felt that the country needed it. Would it interfere with Premier Inn?

A.        No


Q.        Concerned car park spaces for Youth Games as 400-500 children from Gravesham expected would there be a provision for parking

A.      Hoping that the nearby railway station would be used to try reducing number of cars as there are only 300 spaces. People will be encouraged to use public transport or cycle to venue.


Q.        Will there be events at weekends – How many do you anticipate?

A.        Events anticipated 40 per year.  Local residents can partake still when they are happening.


Q.        Family able to cycle circuit?

A.        Yes there are five circuits to use

            Hog hill similar set up.  Have mountain bike trails

            South East road league event every Friday for the year


Q.        What was the outcome of the West Kent Archaeology survey?

A.        Took advice KCC sent team in.  Identified six bodies and bronze urns and archaeology have been removed.


Q.        How many staff?

A.        Core staff of five (further needed (12) for cafeteria etc) or franchise out.


Q.        Is facility open to entire South East?  Not just Dartford.

A.        Yes it will be and an Online booking facility will be available at the pavilion


Right to Ride - John Hamblett


John Hamblett gave some background to Right to Ride (RTR).  Four years ago a cycling woman along Spittal Street screamed at a car that going wrong way.  Car driver apologised and has lead road markings on cycle paths.


Old routes always considered unlit and unsafe.


RTR Campaigned to KCC and KHS for extra lighting along routes (Peter Salter – KHS)


A new cycle path installed along Watling Street


Resulted in other routes cleared up and better lighting


Future plans – More  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


Questions from the Public


Q.        Bus service at Upper Heath Lane none exists – no bus stops

A.        Jan Ozog is currently campaigning on behalf of local residents


Q.        Problem with dustbin clearing at Connison Road

A.        Ann Allen confirmed that this is District problem and she would follow up at a District level.


Q.        What is happening to the old CO-OP building?-

A.        it was confirmed that this is not owned by council and a Planning application has been submitted to change use.


Q.        Speed humps – Lower Heath Lane.  What is the legal height? 

A.        Ann Allen agreed to follow this up.


Q.        A member of the public had recently moved to Dartford Heath.  Residents have no objections to kids riding bikes.  But it had been noted that there is a large amount of rubbish which is being thrown off glory ramps. Could a bin be provided? Or can the Park Rangers control amount of rubbish?

A.        Ann Allen agreed to look into this matter and would report back at next meeting.


Q.        3rd Crossing – is this planned?  No 1. problem in Dartford due to the pollution generated from Tunnel. What is happening?


A.        This is a long standing issue.  A huge income is generated from tunnel (£92m).  No revenue comes back to Dartford or KCC.  Consultation out at present more a Gravesham issue.  Plan to look for 3rd Thames crossing further up the river. Looking at future of Thames Barrier as this is coming to the end of its life.


Q.        What is KCC going to do about issue?

A.        A potential site has been identified at Swanscombe Marshes.  Preference has been made to a site in Higham area.

            No suggestion made to for 3rd crossing in Dartford

            Richard Lees stated - Look to move it further East


Q.        Will local Parish Councils be urging KCC to look at surface water, drainage systems. Strategy for upgrading?

A.        RL confirmed that a Cabinet Surface Water Risk Assessment paper is being prepared. 


Q.        Does this include clearing out drains?

A.        Proactive two year clearing gully cycle planned


            John Burr KCC Highways Director will be talking to Parish and Town Councils, as he feels they need to be more re-active and have always been a good source of information in Kent.


Any Other Business



Meeting closed at 8.30pm